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Welcome to the ultimate guide to the discography of Gnaw Their Tongues & related. GTT is the main project of Dutch artist Maurice de Jong. In recent years, he put aside this moniker to focus on his numerous other side-projects. Maurice/Mories is best known for bastardizing all kinds of dread-inspiring music to paint a landscape of perversities and make his listeners crap themselves. His main instrument is the bass, this is what he plays in live settings and it provides this monolithic foundation for a lot of his music. He uses the bass in unorthodox ways, sometimes entirely replacing the guitar, which is quite uncommon for Metal music.

His music can also be very electronic, sometimes entirely. In fact, if he often falls into more classic forms of extreme metal, his music is just as equally rooted in the noise/industrial scene, as you can hear from the first Gnaw Their Tongues releases up until 2010 or so. In layman’s terms, if you’re looking for some Silent Hill-esque (quasi-)metal, forget about everything else, this is the band, this is pure demented horror music.

Ah, did I mentionned he plays all the instruments and produced most of his records all by himself? The artworks are also mainly from his hand, which is pretty impressive (isn't he a graphic designer in real life? I believe I read that somewhere). In my eyes, he's the most dedicated one-man band there is, and we're not talking about crappy harshnoise releases, it's all composed music, and it's pretty consistently great, quality-wise.

Note: These are not reviews or assessment of his work, just a map. Essentials will be bolded for clarity. The goal here is for the reader to quickly know what to expect from all these records. Hopefully, this will give you a clear(er) picture of Mories catalogue.

Disclaimer: GTT's themes/lyrics might appear straight-up problematic to some, especially those unfamiliar with edgy music like Industrial and Metal in general, but bear in mind these are narrative lyrics, yes, of the screwed up kind, even for the initiated, but Mories ain’t a maniac, he is just telling stories. Like most horrorheads, he seems like a chill guy in real life. Also, not all his work is doom and gore, he does make light-hearted music through his various shoegaze-y projects (SEIROM to start with) and his Dungeon Synth stuff (Vetus Supulcrum is highly recommended).

Disclaimer²: at first, while I'm drafting it, this guide will look an half-assed Scaruffi page, but in the end I want to offer something pretty complete and more than just a mundane list, and hopefully, we'll figure out what the fuck is wrong with this guy.
Until the progress is marked 100 %, you can’t trust everything I write here, sorry about that, hopefully any trace of cringe and BS will be gone by the time the page is completed, and it will be, I promise. I will update this page bit by bit, probably one project per week, so I have time to digest the music I don’t know yet. At a later date, I will also add a list of interviews, as well as a TL;DL compilation (Spotify, or Mediafire for the naughty people).

Here is the Bandcamp page, where you'll find 95% of the stuff mentionned here, some of the stuff you can download for free; and his secret YouTube channel, the official site and the BC community section with regular updates.

This will be a long series of entries, more than 150 releases from (mostly) just one guy, through 36 projects. Yes, this sounds ludicrous, that’s why I’m doing this. I found out there’s a way to make this look compact in HTML, so I’ll take advantage of it. Here’s the list of his projects. Until it’s fully done, I’ll annotate with stars (from * to ***) what’s close to completion, ignore the rest.


Extreme Metal:


Dungeon Synth:


One-shot projects (less than 2 releases):


Interviews: (more coming)