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    What you will find here once I'm done learning HTML basics:
  • Horror-tinged Darkwave tracks from Crépusculaire
  • Trve industrial influenced post-Darksynth tunes from Scélérat
  • Some related stuff (guides, articles, tabs, guitar walkthrough, etc.)
  • Absolutely no toxic/tedious Web 2.0 BS


Quick weekly update

Nov 27, 2022

Updated the GTT guide further this week, I think I got the structure down, just need to actually get to the bottom of it now. Wrote some tunes this week too. I'm planning to participate to this year's Mutant Break Contest, an annual contest in the Renoise community. There, I'm commiting to it in front of you. I found out about Renoise after seeing this cool trancey chiptune band called P.C.B. 2-3 years ago, I was that crossed-armed guy staring at their computer screen wondering what was the stuff there were using (not true, I was slouched on a chair drinking white russians). I spent the next days doing research on trackers and all that shit. Anyway, I think I got good enough to complete something this year, and I already have some ideas and I'll try to entangle it somehow with the muzan-e article I was talking about last time.

Currently listening to more dub/illbient stuff. This I like:

GTT guide updated

Nov 20, 2022

Added more information in the GTT page about his Electro-BM project Cloak Of Altering (half-done, wish I progressed more, I'll be more active next week) and created new headers for the site (I hope I nailed the crappy 90s photoshop vibe, that will do for now). Didn't upload the Blut Aus Nord interviews yet, I got my hand on an HTML editor, because editing texts was too much of a hassle.
I also got this idea about making a page about muzan-e (the horror side of ukiyo-e, aka japanese woodblock paintings), some of it is really gnarly.

Currently listening to: X-Files soundtracks (actually pretty interesting, lots of 90s rompler stuff going on), Strapping Young Lad and some illbient. I don't buy CDs often, but I got some 90s soundtracks for 5 bucks the other day (Strange Days, with a Doors cover by Prong, and tunes from Skunk Anansie, never heard of it before seeing the movie); Judgement Night, some disgusting Rap-Metal fest, I love the FNM-Boo-yaa TRIBE collab; and finally Songs in the key of X, a cool collection of tracks attempting to capture the vibe of X-files, I already had it on my HDD before and it's really enjoyable.

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GTT guide created

Nov 13, 2022

Finally got around creating the Gnaw Their Tongues guide page. This is far from complete, but it is accessible here. On a side note, while looking for pictures, I came across this new article where the guy drops his favs. Interesting stuff.
Earlier, I realized I had this word file I made compiling all Blut Aus Nord interviews I could find (a few dozens, might even translate a few from French to English), this will be uploaded here at some point too.

Currently wasting time watching Fear The Walking Dead, starting from season 4. Why no one told me it was superior to the main show?

New content project

Nov 6, 2022

Got this idea of making discography walkthrough for artists who compulsively release stuff, not necessarily reviews, just mapping their exhaustive catalogues. I've been wanting to do this for a long time with Gnaw Their Tongues (horror-ambient/unorthodox BM) and his numerous side-projects (if you're into Dungeon Synth, check Vetus Sepulcrum right now, the best in the genre after Old Tower in my opinion). Other candidates: Lawrence English (drone/ambient/field recordings), Prurient & side-projects (noise/industrial), and maybe Siouxsie & The Banshees (I guess it's already been done) and Aluk Todolo (blackened Krautrock from France).

Currently listening to: Calabrese (Flee The Light LP); also reading Killadelphia, not the most original story so far (#10), but still well done and the art is really neat.

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Early remix tracks from '21

Nov 3, 2022

Remix tracks that were made last year for bolt-throwing pretend-italian face-scorcher Darksynth act Gregorio Franco. Not 100% satisfied with it (got overwhelmed in the process at that time), but it's in the ballpark of what I got in mind. Overall next tracks will be more synth-y and way better produced, while remaining gritty and unpolished.

Currently listening to: Ceremony (west coast), AFI, that RYM darkwave boxset, Black Flag (Sabbath-worship era)

More original tracks coming soon.

Last Update: 27/11/22